A miscellaneous assortment of non work-related things.

I’ve been trying to get back into reading (the lack of cell service on the London Underground helped a lot over the summer). Some books I’m currently enjoying:

According to my, I’ve last played Swan Serenade by Piano house. Other than this, songs I’ve been enjoying a lot recently:

I’ve been into specialty coffee for a while now. I’m currently brewing with beans from Nylon Coffee Roasters in Singapore, with the following setup:

  • Grinder: Timemore C2 (been wanting to upgrade to something like a Fellow Ode v2, but I can’t justify buying an electric grinder while in university)
  • Scale: Timemore Black Mirror
  • Dripper: Fellow Stagg [X] or Hario Switch, depending on how much effort I’m willing to put in that morning
  • Filter paper: Kalita Wave 185 for the Stagg, Sibarist FAST M for the Switch
  • Kettle: Bodum Melior

I’m attempting to learn Cantonese. If you know any good resources or tips, please let me know!